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was there. that is what made me do it. >> how much does it mean to you as an african-american, barack obama having a second term? >> this is more than history. the first one was history, but to have an african-american president reelected? it says something about our country. >> what do you hope the president will achieve in his second term? >> the lot more cooperation. not just from his constituents, but from people in general. >> this nation is very divided, is it not? how will the president overcome that? >> by being himself, by being as compassionate as he is. our president keeps it real. we do not have a fake president, we have a real president. >> what is it about today? >> taking pictures for memories. >> thank you for joining us. one of those hundreds of thousands of people here, so excited to be here for this inauguration. >> fantastic, laura. thank you very much. with me now, the time magazine foreign affairs correspondent. thank you so much for being with us. a fabulous morning, the stage is set. where does it go from here for barack obama? >> there is a lot of speculation about
at an inauguration. and i want you to listen to a sound bite from president obama speaking about gay americans. take a listen to this. [ applause ] >> obama: our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law, for many we are truly created equal, then surely the love we commit to one another must be equality as well. >> jennifer: abc news says this is the first time a president has used the word gay in an inauguration, and he referred to stonewall, which is in fact the stonewall riots in new york which launched the gay rights movement. i'm wondering -- you know bill were you surprised? >> i was stunned, and so pleasantly shocked by the president's remarks that -- and this is a president who came to this issue slowly himself. i mean he was evolving on this issue, we at the white house press corps kept pushing and pushing, and it took him three and a half years to come to support, but now he is the champion. and to say that so openly and again putting it in the context of the constitution, and making i real for amer
country, we would stand as americans. i want to ask that people stopped eating, mr. obama, our president, and to support him. to let him move america forward. god created the new testament to change with time. this is a new america of a different time. wake up and respect our president and support and, and may god bless everyone. host: that was bobby in new orleans. the first chief justice of the united states swore in a more potent -- more presidents than any other sense, from thomas jefferson to anger jackson, nine swearing in court chief justice marshall. robert toney had seven, president from martin van buren up through abraham lincoln's first term. here is an abbreviated look at the schedule of events today. the president will be attending church services at st. john's episcopal church around the corner from the white house, the swearing in ceremony begins at about 11:20, followed by lunch in the u.s. capitol, and the parade itself from the capitol to the white house beginning at about 2:45, and then the president is scheduled to attend two inaugural balls at the washington conventi
. obama needs to revise faith in the american dream. >> i would image if i were writing a speech for him i would inject a dose of ronald reagan optimism don't despair in america. >> follow me at twitter at james rosen and i will tell you which president was the first to have his inaugural address live nationwide. >> i always follow your twitter but i will especially tonight. >> you are always so good to me. >> the political landscape at the part of the term was different than it was when he came to the white house four years ago. republicans control the house. you need look no further than the recent game of political chicken over the fiscal cliff to know just how divided washington is. and more instance show downs are looming. one example the debt creel and controlli -- debt ceiling and what americans describe as out of control spending. republicans take with the attitude toward congress at this point? >> to get real solutions president obama needs to understand what will pass in the republican led house. it will also be acceptable to him. lawmakers tend to be unhappy when the president g
event tomorrow the inaugural address. ♪ >> so what will president obama tell americans he will do about the deadlock that is gripping dc? what can we expect to see ore the next four years? we have live fox team coverage. also the bloody hostage crisis at the oil plant in the african desert. now worse than any one first thought. what they are finding as forces finally secure the scene. plus the fate of the american hostages and the hunt for the so-called one eyed terrorist who has taken credit for the deadly siege. >> i am harris falkner. we begin with the oath. >> preserve, protect and defend. >> the constitution of the united states. >> the constitution of the united states. >> so help you god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations mr. president. >> thank you chief justice. >> first lady, his two daughters at his side today president obama was sworn in by supreme court justice john roberts just before noon. tomorrow he will do it all over again for the public. the constitution mandates the president be sworn in by january 20th which of course is today. because of a 19th century traditi
- connected crowd. what was more important, the first time barack obama was elected. first african american president or the fact that he was just real. let's go inside. i want to tell you some of what they had to say. >> reporter: the historic theater was jumping on stage with the kind of jazz they want to improve. >> i want them to leave the president alone. >> reporter: but outside the upscale gathering waited. >> they have a little more power. >> they have supported president barack obama a second time. and their money, their campaign, and their votes. >> mitch mcconnell said he would be a one-term president. four years ago a line of symbolism and it was. a lot of people are telling us tonight they are looking for programs from the president from this point on. >> on gun controls, barack knows what to do. >> i'd like to see him focus more on education. everything starts with education. >> reporter: they are headlining this private inaugural party. planning to be here well into the morning. the mlk holiday, most have it off. >> the whole world out there loves our president. it's not just
the inauguration ceremony of an american president, and his second inauguration of this president, barack obama beginning his second term after saying that americans must seize the moment and their challenges. we leave you with these images of inauguration day. >> a decade of war is now ending. an economic recovery has begun. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states, barack obama. >> we possess all the qualities that this world without boundaries demands. and in this capacity for risk and the gift for reinvestment. >> congratulations, mr. president. -- >> we are made for this moment and as long as we seize this together -- >> make sense of international news at >> funding for this presentation was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to understand the industry you operate in, working to nurture new ventures and help provide capital for key, strategic decisions. we offer expertise and tailor solutions in a wide range of indu
democracy, the transition of power without a hitch. >> i barak hussein obama do solemnly swear-- >> and we count down to the main public event tomorrow, the inaugural address. so what will president obama tell americans he'll do about the deadlock that's gripping d.c.? and what could we expect to see over the next four years? we have live fox team coverage. >> also, the bloody hostage crisis at that oil plant in the african desert. now, worse than anyone first thought. what they're finding as forces finally secure the scene, plus the state of the american hostages and the hunt for the so-called one-eyed terrorist who has taken credit for the deadly siege. >> president barack obama officially beginning the second term as president today, while the pomp and circumstance is set for tomorrow, the president quietly took the oath of office at a private ceremony earlier today at the white house. >> preserve, protect and defend. >> the constitution of the united states. >> the constitution of the united states. >> so help you god? >> so help me god. >> congratulations mr. president. >> thank you,
obama's foot. this is something, what an incredible nod to this american designer who also happens to be the president of the iconic american brand coach. but let's talk about this moment for thom browne for a moment. for him, this is a man who is known for sort of redefining men's wear, the sort of shrunken suits, those ankle length pants. not as well known for his women's wear. what do you think this will do to him? >> i think just like jason woo who was relatively unknown during the first inauguration, that really put him on the map. i think what michelle obama's so great at is really embracing homegrown talent and really working with emerging desirgner. not that thom browne is emerging because in the fashion business we've known about him for a long time. from allentown, pennsylvania, just like me. i believe doing women's fashion for two years. >> he told me today he hopes that after this moment more people around the world will look at him and his women's fashion with a different eye, and i do believe that will happen. she looks extraordinary. i spoke with a writer, the fashio
it so long as we seize it together. >> seize it together. president obama calling on americans to come together in his speech today and welcome back to the continuing coverage of president obama's inaugural parade. these are live pictures. you're looking at the president in great spirits. and so far, we've seen dr. king's with president obama. but earlier, it was that speech. and he defied expectations again. there were specifics on voting, on gay rights, on women's rights, on climate change, on immigration, on gun control. and he defended the big three entitlements. joining me now is democratic senator from ohio, broun. what a speech. how surprised were you at the tone and the specifics in this speech? >> i wasn't surprised. i mean, we had very high expectations for him. he delivered. i loved the line as barney frank and others mentioned from seneca falls to selma to stonewall and i think that says a couple things. it says, one, how we've moved forward as a nation and we should acknowledge that at the inauguration. and, second, it underscores how none of those were easy. you know ever
. today represents the integration of our political tradition. barack obama is now in the american grain, as they say. he is part of our political tradition, and this will be our tradition for the future. so he's just not -- he's not just the face of the president, chris. he is the face of the future of this country demographically in terms of the way we regard ourselves and define ourselves and what we owe each other. and i thought the three critical words of the speech, which he used a few times, was our journey continues. the united states is a work in progress, and he represents that. >> you know, i was thinking, joy, you have to be careful about all this ethnic stuff but i thought it was a nice blend to the whole picture. it wasn't like a new york state democratic ticket exactly where there has to be one gay and one hispanic and all that. it seemed to be a better blend than the obvious. they did a getter job of putting it all together than most of these tickets -- >> and it felt natural. it felt like this is obama's coalition. you had beyonce and jay-z who were friends of the presid
for a date with history, we look at the realities and challenges of a second obama term. >>> and will michelle obama remake her own agenda as first lady? perspective from an insider who knows the obamas well. >>> plus, two uniquely american stories. our interview with this year's inaugural poet and the band from little rock, marching tomorrow in the footsteps of history. >>> good evening. for all the drama of a long, hard-fought campaign, it took all of a half a minute for president obama today to take the oath that officially starts his second term in office.
with guns during president obama's final four years in office it is estimated that 40,000 americans will be killed with guns, the same amount of people killed in vietnam. says the shooting in arizona which killed six people including a nine-year-old and seriously injured than congresswoman-- as the city we should continue to lead the way to advocate for and pass policies that protect the general well-being of the society. today i am introducing two resolutions, supporting senator dianne feinstein's assault weapon legislation; and a resolution supporting the sandy hook promise, born out of the event that killed those 20 children, four teachers and two other distribution. assault weapons have been used in at least 459 incidents across the country. this resolution simply states adamant support for senator and feinstein's assault weapon regulatory act; affirms our support for gun-control and affirms protection for gun owners grandfathering the legal protections they had before. one month after the tragic shooting in sandy hook elementary -- we are committed to preventing tragedies
with the political moment of the lead up last year. what people talk about there is something going on americans to be the first black president almost and aesthetical to participation. they say white americans could never do that. put the time obama talk explicitly about race. >> that a powerful moment is the first black president talks the least about race. it is the third and fourth and fifth rail. , part of what he tried to do was say let me say something that will bring people together then i won't have to bring it up again. the americans are so fatigued about race, resistant that to bring up that too often they will disqualify from the highest office in the land. but there are ways to address with differences that down to invoke race. but we don't have to have race specific programs to have race equality. but the irony is prepositioned the you would qualify yourself. of so that means he could negotiate this incredibly difficult scenario to stand for the racial possibilities but that would define disqualification. >> host: are white americans particularly oversensitive or to careful about t
president obama signaled a new she son in america. >> my fellow americans, we are made for this moment. we will see that -- seize it so long as we seize it together. >> reporter: president obama outlined a vision for his second term and kept returning to some key themes. >> we, the people -- our journey, our time. >> reporter: this was a call to action. president obama lake -- making this clear that he lookings at the next four years to seize a moment together with the american people. while he said that must be done as one nation, one people, the agenda he outlined is clearly aimed at prog -- progressives. >> they do not make us a nation of takers. >> reporter: and in an inaugural address first, a nod to gay rights. >> our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law. >> reporter: officials estimated 800,000 people packed the mall, not quite the magnitude of tween but for many the moment was powerfully significant and poignant. there was still some megawatt star power ♪ let freedom ring ♪ >> reporter: then the traditional parade
to applaud president obama's 23 executive orders. >> americans of every background stand up and say enough. we've suffered too much pain and care too much about our children to allow this to continue. then change will come. e. >> the cathedral says they will continue to do their part to keep the problem of gun violence and its solutions in the public eye. meanwhile the white house has said the president does not expect to get all his gun control proposals through congress. fox's doug mckelway has more on the effort to prevent further gun violence. >> reporter: after the trauma of the sandy hook massacre the urgent call to limit americans' easy access to guns has met with some stiff resistance and exposed america's cultural divide over firearms. the president offered 23 different executive actions which would strengthen background checks, better address the issue of mental health and call for armed officers in schools that want them, but the politics of gun legislation are fraught with danger for the president. there are 24 senate seats up for grabs in 2014 including in the gun friendly st
the election of the first african-american president. president obama is only the 16th sitting chief executive to be returned to office. he is the first president since dwight eisenhower to win two consecutive elections with more than 51% of the popular vote. he won for the 372 electoral votes to mitt romney's 206 and spent part of the morning at the white house having coffee with bipartisan leadership. >> this is the second time the president had his inauguration on the celebration of martin luther king, jr. and it's actually a ceremonial event. the 20th amendment to the constitution mandates that newly elected mandates take place on january 20th and several times that happened on the sunday. and followed by the pomp and pageantry on the following monday. >> both president obama and vice president biden took their official oaths of office why yesterday. >> i barack hussein obama swear -- >> supreme court justice john roberts swore in the first family. justice sotomayor did the honor at the vice president's residence at the united states naval observe tore in washington. >> and both families a
to watch president obama take the oath of office for his second term. once again, americans across this land filled with hope and a sense of renewal. and it's time for all americans to celebrate that renewal of our democratic system. it's a great day of pageantry, a great day of praised but, also a great day to think of what this country is all about and what it means for this peacefultrition of power. we will be there on our show today and on current tv a little bit later. but right now let's find out all of the latest from lease a ferguson out in los angeles, today's current news update. hi, lease a. good morning. >> hey bill. good morning, everyone. of course, the bill news of the day, it is president obama's public inauguration in washington, d.c. >> that's taking place at the u.s. capitol at 11:20 eastern this morning. first, though, the first family will attend church along with the biddens at st. john's episccapal in d.c. president obama actually began his second term in office yesterday. the presidential inaugurations always take place on ja
states. g> four years after making history by becoming the first african-american president, barack obama kicks off the second term on martin luther king day. today and inauguration day special. we will air highlights from last ides' peace ball including naacp president benjamin jealous. >> the challenge for our country is never to see the day when a person of color would be president, nor the challenge for our country was to ensure that it would be safe for it to have -- happen again and again. >> we'll also hear from the legendary poet son the sanchez, ralph nader, sweet honey and the rock, and angela davis. >> let me say this time around we cannot subordinate our aspirations and our hopes to presidential agenda. >> we will look at big money behind the inauguration. four years ago president obama refused to accept corporate donations, but this year exxonmobil, at&t, christoph are among the biggest backers of today's festivities. -- microsoft are among the biggest backers of today's festivities. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. the te
from afghanistan is greeted with approval by the majority of americans. at the moment, obama and his refilling the test of security for the nation. although the rise of anti-american uprisings, the killing of our ambassador in libya and the success of taliban in afghanistan as minimally raise the issue of the defense of the nation as an ingredient in the coming election. is obama providing economic opportunity? he inherited the worst economic crisis since the great depression, but the president is now held responsible for a continuation of high unemployment and minimal hope for its improvement, and also for increases in the debt and deficit. his job legislation proposals are not being well received by republicans. the administration has not proposed any innovative resolution for the severe downturn in housing. and some believe he should have supported and promoted simpson-bowles deficit reduction proposal. he has not been able to significantly expand economic opportunity. how has obama used the tools of leadership? he attempts to communicate his vision and proposals, but he has appea
be politically divided, but most americans agree, they really like first lady michelle obama. you hit me like the sky fell on me ♪ >> reporter: public popularity on display saturday night at the kids' inaugural ball honoring military families. helping those families has been one of mrs. obama's key initiatives. >> when i think about what makes america great, i think about all of you, our men and women in uniform, our military spouses and our amazing military kids. >> reporter: her other focus, fighting childhood obesity. but as she prepares to spend another four years at the white house, some critics suggest the harvard-educated lawyer should take on more policy-heavy goals. top advisers push back. >> well, there were policies behind the initiatives that she did. >> reporter: valerie jarrett says the first lady and you her staff are working on a new agenda. >> she really is very determined to make sure that they think it through thoroughly and that they don't just do one-off things. she wants to really make sure that it's thought out. >> reporter: ivillage chief correspondent kelly wallace
. an endless capacity for risk and a gift for reinvention. my fellow americans, we are made for this moment and we will seize it so long as we seize it together. >> our washington correspondent was there. you were at the inauguration. obama had quite a big wish list. take us through it. >> well, it is not really a wish list. inaugural speeches are not the place for a wish list. but you can read between the lines. i would sum it up with two words, unity and equality. a message to republicans meaning let's work together for a cnge to try to make things better in america, especially economically speaking and also for the budget. now equality is something that rsonates very well with his voters. not just about gender and race equality but equality for immigrants. he talked about that quite a lot. that is the point that might translate into serious political action. as we all know the latina community is affected by immigration and they helped to re-elect barack obama. major project coming up there. the last point that is important for us europeans, he talked about climate change. he signaled he
take the oath of office yesterday. but today is when the american people celebrate mr. obama's second inaugural. it's also dr. martin luther king jr.'s birthday. the president will honor dr. king by swearing in publicly on a bible once used by the civil rights leader. he'll also use a bible that was once used by abraham lincoln. 800,000 people are expected in the national mall. >> what we're doing is celebrating each other and celebrating this incredible nation we call home. >> reporter: the president and vice president, along with their famili families, will start by attending st. john's. the swearing-in is followed by a parade and the glitzy inaugural balls. the security is extremely tight. 15,000 military and law enforcement personnel will watch over the proceedings. >> watching an event this large, with this number of people coming, takes a lot of corporate nation. >> reporter: the president and first lady showed off their love. the president weighing in on his wife's new hair-do. >> i love her bangs. she looks good. >> let me tell you, it has just been a true thrill to watch this
me connect the roots to barack obama seniors third wife who is such an americanized. spent how she talked to the media? >> has never talked to anyone. she will talk to me on tuesday. at her school alone for several hours. this is one of the key interviews of the whole trip. spent if that were the only interview that you got over there, would that be worth coming over for? >> that is a tough question. very interesting. yes. >> guest: thank you for giving lisa credit. she helped me find ruth baker. that was very important. in that interview, i'll never forget, the back of the kindergarten on the lawn for several hours and only supporting her heart out time after she married barack about and divorced him, she stayed in kenya. >> guest: she did. she married another african and took that name. and had two children by barack sr., and another by her second husband. she stayed the whole time. she is still very much a part of the nairobi community, and has run the kindergarten there for many years. >> host: 1964-1973 they were married. how long had she known him before she essentially with
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president obama not being american enough. but they really wanted him to step up, to deal with the challenges of inequality and injustice in our society. they're important voices. and i don't think we'll see them muted anytime soon. >> back to david rimnick, for a moment. you wrote "the bridge" that documented the president so closely. what change did you see him in these four years? >> he was not the leader of a movement. martin luther king was the leader of a movement. barack obama is a politician. and he encountered politics his first day in office. he encountered things unimaginable. you mentioned the security issue. we've now forgotten on the first day of office, on his inaugural day last time, he came out on stage under the threat of a possible al qaeda attack from somali insurgents. it is long forgotten. but inaugural day was proceeded by this. and then, he began in a near-depression, an economic depression. and he's faced some highly radicalized republican party. he's encountered politics. and george knows, from being in the white house, being president of the unit
of americans said that you cannot sustain trillion dollar deficits indefinitely. i don't think obama cares at all about that. that is not on his agenda. i think he really is a president who believes his mission is to reduce the inequality. he saw reagan increasing in inequality. he is a leveller. obama care was step one. i crease in spending of the government which was a massive increase in spending. increasing taxation especially on the rich is a third item. i think he wanls to contin-- wa continue that. he wants to get to levels of entitlement that will make much more equality between the classes that's where he wants to go. to do it he will have to raise taxes. that will be one of the number one issues on his agenda to raise taxes way beyond where we have been ever since the reagan era. >> juan, how can that be? he has to see the spending problem that we are in. what do you think the thought process is about that since has done some cuts but not enough to make a difference. what do you think his thoughts are on it? >> when you think of some of the positions of debt reduction president o
of the presidential inauguration ceremony, president obama, vice president biden, the first lady and jill biden speak to donors before tomorrow's inauguration ceremony.president obama talked about how tomorrow's another duration should remind americans of their role to promote a common goods and pass on a worthy legacy for future generations. this is about 25 minutes. >> good evening,. thank you so much for joining us tonight. more than that, thank you for the kindness, friendship, and support that you have shown us since we began this long journey together. we would not be here without your help. that means so much to joe.nd jill.-- h joe and i are thrilled. i know you feel the same way, to have barack obama as our president for another four years. [applause] and michelle as first lady. [applause] i may be a little biased, but i cannot think of a better man than my husband to help our president lead our country for the next four years. [applause] as long as he has the privilege of serving this nation, i know that joe will keep fighting for american people every day. ladies and gentlemen, please join
mr. obama be sworn in as the nation's first african-american president. >> hopefully i can get up close and personal with michelle and barack. i know that won't happen, but i'm looking forward to seeing them and congratulating them. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands are expected to subway to the mall for the inauguration. metro will provide 17 consecutive hours of rush hour service, from 4:00 in the morning until 9:00 at night. and they're charging peak rates. >> it's different for me, because i haven't rode them before, but i love it. it's very exciting. >> reporter: metro has sold all of its 100,000 commemorative smart trip cards. there was a rush today to buy the final few. >> i've been to about two different metro stations before getting here and i got them. >> reporter: again, metro is opening its doors at 4:00 in the morning. you are urged to have your smart trip card ready, loaded with money. that way you don't have to wait in line. you can go ahead and get into the subways. they're expected to be packed tomorrow. again, expected to have huge crowds here. many streets are
about barack obama. >> the story speaks to all americans. >> john: this is the mixed race child of a single mom raised by his grandparents, granddad being a world war ii veteran, who worked hard and made his way through college, became an ivy league constitutional scholar. it is american dream on so many levels and really i like to remind my right wing friends who has as much caucasian blood as african blood in his veins, he belongs to all of us. >> yet it feeds such paranoia on the right. they seem to have a seething hatred for him the way they had for bill clinton. it is unfortunate to watch. >> john: i'm ready to give jill biden's cote the aretha franklin's hat award. i think she looks terrific. >> jennifer: i'm proud none of us have asked "who are you wearing"? >> john: the oscars, they say who are you wearing. here, we say who are you representing? who are you working for? it is great to see this many americans so fascinated for an event that, in spite of the pomp and circumstance, really is all about substance. the oscars are where we celebrate great achievements in arts b
of a lot of conservatives is somebody is not truly an american. >> stephen: well, the evidence is the executive over reach. he is clearly tyrant. rand paul said we don't like kings in this country. we don't like kings and king obama the first signed an executive order today, okay. that is countermanning the second amendment. is he going to be impeached? s but there are people calling for that? >> there are people calling for it and it won't happen. >> stephen: clinton was. >> that was entirely different. >> stephen: that wasn't executive over reach it was under reach. >> if you know what i mean. it was not clear who was reaching for whom in that case. >> stephen: i understand. that's how he got off. [ laughter ] in more ways than one. all right. so -- [ laughter ] -- you covered -- there one of these presidents that you covered that you like more than others that impress youed you me than other? >> they all had different qualities. >> stephen: oh, come on! there's got be. you are the most evenhanded person in the world. >> i'm fascinated by people who first of all get into the
but at the american people. president obama, our viewers have heard a lot about this in the past couple of days, really believes that the way to govern when we have such a divided government and the party dived so highlighted now is to go directly to the american people and try to rally his folks to get to their politicians and put the pressure onto get his agenda through. the two big items he's expected to push second term are immigration and gun control. there is a whole lot more he would like to accomplish, bill, and he's not going to do it without the will of the american people. the house republicans just don't see eye to eye with him on the issues. bill: you heard from david plouff said on sunday too, that this will be a hopeful speech. i think in general this is the day of the new beginning, and i think in general americans are optimistic people and they hope that things will get better for them. but when you look at the unemployment numbers from four years ago, labor participation rate was 65.5%. that is down 2%, about 63-point 5% now since the president took office. and you can clearly
for more than 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. ♪ >> president barack obama: it has been a busy and productive four years. and i expect the same for the next four years. i intend to carry out the agenda that i campaigned on. an agenda for new jobs, new opportunity, and, new security for the middle class. >> chris: the president, delivering a mission statement for his second term, which officially begins today. and it is time for our sunday group, brit hume, fox news senior political analyst. liz marlantes of the christian science monitor, bill kristol from the weekly standard and fox news political analyst, juan williams. what do you think of his initial approach to the second term. >> it will be a surprise to me if the tone he used in the news conference the other day where he -- as you showed earlier in the broadcast, he cast dispersions on the motivations of some of his political opponents i suspect he will not do that in an inauguration, i went back and looked at old inauguration speeches from earlier presidents, second inaugurals and they weren't as full
, the sense of duty, of responsibility of the american people, you have inspired me throughout. throughout. >> president obama also showing his lighter side last night by mentioning how much he loves mrs. obama's new hairdo, the infamous bangs and everybody talking about her new hairdo. >>> barbara walters is hospitalized this morning after she fell at appear inauguration party. the veteran news woman reported lid slipped saturday night on a step at the residence of the british ambassador to the united states and out cut her forehead. a spokesperson says the 83-year- old is awake and alert. >>> up next on this inaugural morning, air piece of presidential history. we'll tell you more about an important part of this morning's swearing-in ceremony and its ties to president lincoln.  >>> welcome back. today, of course, the national holiday honoring dr. martin luther king, jr. a wreath laying ceremony was held on sunday at the memorial for the civil rights leader on the national mall. among the dignitaries and celebrities on hand were martin luther king iii, reverends als
tirelessly for the american people all the time. >> reggie thank you so much. >> before we go what is michelle obama wearing tonight, reggie? >> what i do know regardless of who made it it will look stunning. >> reggie love always the diplomat. >>> good morning. we've got some cold temperatures, but comfortably cold with 20s and low 30s. 34 right now at reagan national. you need to bundle up. a few more clouds this afternoon. 39 by lunchtime with a high of 34. could be late day evening snow showers. tomorrow and wednesday, >>> today's inauguration is a big deal but many americans are thinking more about tonight. they want to see what michelle obama will wear to the inaugural ball. you just heard reggie love tell us whatever it is it will be stunning. all that attention can be life-changing for the first lady's designer. jan crawford is inside with that story. good morning. >> reporter: michelle obama's dress from four years ago is on display at the smithsonian. in fact, it is one of the most popular exhibits in the smithsonian exhibits. i remember going
you think? >> i think michelle obama -- look, we know from various accounts that she has maintained a very specific image. she wants to portray that of a strong african-american woman, clothing has been very much a part, a bedrock piece of that image. i thought that every designer that she chooses, she chooses for a reason. she'll wear british designers when the moment calls for british designers. it's a day to celebrate america. she's wearing a thom browne ensemble. reed krakoff is the an american designer. you know, michelle obama also has a sense of playfulness. she's wearing, as rachel pointed out, aubergine gloves with a darker colored jacket. she gets it. there's been a lot of talk about the haircut. that's a decision to break out of her mold, to go forward, to be her own person. that's are all -- style is often trumpeted or denigrated as superfluous, but with her she's scrutinized on a level where it is meaningful and it's also a choice. it's as much a social and political statement as it is a fashion choice. >> tell me about thom browne. allentown, pennsylvania, right? i nev
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